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Chunqiu Zeng

Chunqiu Zeng
Ph.D Student, Knowledge Discovery Research Group (KDRG)
School of Computing and Information Science
Florida International University

Contact information
Address: ECS 251, Florida International University,11200 SW 8th St. Miami, FL, 33199 USA
Phone: (305)348-6036 Email: grandzeng(at)gmail(dot)com

General information

Chunqiu is now a software engineer, working on content ads at Google. He received his Ph.D. degree from the School of Computing and Information Science of Florida International University in November of 2016. His dissertation work is about Large Scale Data Mining for IT Service Management . During his Ph.D. study, he was co-advised by Prof. Tao Li and Prof. Shu-Ching Chen.

He used to be a data warehouse software engineer at Alibaba Company, serving the R&D post for infrastructure tools and distributed computing platform of data warehouse from 2009 to 2011.

He received his master's degree in Sichuan University of China in 2009, and his master degree's advisor was Prof. Chanjie Tang.

More detail about him can be found in his CV and Google Scholar.

Research Interests

Chunqiu is interested in large scale data mining, system management, machine learning and database , and also shows great interest in large scale distributed data computing platform including distributed database and cloud computing.


Ph.D Student of Florida International University, majored in Computer Science (December 2011 - Present).

Master Student of Sichuan University, majored in Computer Science (September 2006 - July 2009).

Bachelor Student of Sichuan University , majored in Computer Science (September 2002 - July 2006).

Research Experience

  • Knowledge Discovery Research Group (KDRG), School of Computing and Information Science, FIU, December 2011 - Present

    • BCIN, the project aims at integrating disaster information by building a vertical search engine. In charge of implementing Disaster Real Time Monitoring.

    • FIU-Miner(a Fast,Integrated,User-friendly System for Data Mining in Distributed Environment), This project aims at building a large scale data analysis system with the following functionalities: (1) Integrate complex data mining algorithms and exchange intermediate results among sub tasks (rather than simple data processing in Hadoop); (2) Monitor the system resource consumption in real time based on the trace data; and (3) Balance the workload of nodes in a cluster based on monitored utilization data.

    • System Resource Monitoring and Mining. This project aims at building an integrated framework to monitor the resource utilization of nodes in a cluster. Besides the monitoring, the framework also supports real time queries over the continuously monitored log streams and provides mining modules to discover useful patterns for problem determination.

  • Database and Knowledge Engineering Institute in Sichuan University in China, Research Assistant, September 2006 - July 2009

    • National Birth Defects Supervision Project, supported by the 11-th Five Years Key Programs for Science & Technology. Development of China under grant NO.2006BAI05A01. In charge of OLAP module providing ways for rolling up, drilling down, data slicing and data visualization related to OLAP operations. (2007 - July 2009)

    • Crime Miner: A criminal data mining system based on artificial intelligence, supported by Foundation of Innovation Software Engineering for Young People in Sichuan. In charge of architecture design, implementation of system framework, layer of data access and classifying module based on criminal data. (October 2007 - September 2008)

    • National Earthquake Detection and Reporting System (China), directed by Seismology Bureau of Sichuan Province in 2007. In charge of seismic waveform user graphic interface module, instant event inspecting module, query cache module for waveform data from database and parameter configuration module. (January 2007 - April 2007)

Industrial Experience

  • Google, Intern at DoubleClick Search Ads Reporting Team(May 2015 - July 2015)

    Leveraged data mining and statistics techniques to conduct change impact analysis, with the purpose to identify the correlation between advertising changes and performance metrics. Constructed a flume pipeline for change impact analysis over large scale data.

  • Google, Intern at YouTube AdFormat Team(May 2014 - August 2014)

    Built a tool to integrate multi-sources Ads time series data on YouTube video. Developed an integrated interface to facilitate the users for Ads time series data querying, analysis and visualization. Explored the correlation between time series to identify the factors of QoE which contributes to the quality of Ads.

  • IBM T.J Watson Research Center, Research Intern at Service Management Team (May 2013 - August 2013)

    Proposing and implementing a hierarchical multi-label classification component to improve the determination of the problem types based on the incident tickets generated by IBM Tivoli Monitoring System.

  • Alibaba Company, Senior Data Engineer (July 2009 - December 2011)

    • Job Scheduling System is to schedule more than 10,000 ETL jobs each day rationally and efficiently on different system resources like RAC, Greenplum, Hadoop/Hive and so forth with high resource utilization and large job throughput. Main contribution: split all the resources into different groups; design and implement resource scheduling algorithms to achieve the balance among resource groups and rationally preempt resource in different groups for fully and efficiently utilizing all the available resources. (SQL, Shell, Python).

    • ADS (Automatic Deploying System) is to alleviate the manpower consumption in deploying source codes automatically and can deploy hundreds of projects each day. Main contribution: architecture design, and implementation including main module, Crawler module, Putter module, Executor module and DB connection pool module. ( Python, SQL ).

    • DHW (Data High Way) is to transmit data with high speed among heterogenous data sources such as DB2, RAC, Greenplum, HDFS, MySQL, SQLServer ,etc. Main contribution: architecture design, implementation of distributing framework for DHW based on thrift, design and implement the distributing balance algorithm for transmitting data among different nodes in the cluster. , I/O module with HDFS. ( Python, JAVA )
    • Hotspot is to discover hot tables visited frequently according to the ETL job log and analyze the hot tables to optimize the data model for data warehouse. Main contribution: extract tables from SQL log based on SQL parsing; use an association rule algorithm to mine the latent relationship among a large number of tables.( C, Python).

    • Alihive, a library, is to access hive server and record the log for each SQL statement. Main contribution:design and implement the API to submit job to hive server. (perl).

    • Metadata Mining System is to apply data mining algorithm to discover underlying relationships among large number of tables in data warehouse, in order to optimize data model. In charge of extracting metadata from job log based on SQL parsing for ORALE, Greenplum, BIEE, MSTR and etc; developing association rule algorithm to mine metadata.

  • Alcatel-Lucent Company, Interned in MSGUI group as a software engineer (August 2007 - March 2008)

    • MAPIM is to manage network elements such as Nodes, Links,etc. Main contribution: according to the business logic of network management, complete data design including conceptual data model, logical data model, physical data model, design and implement the DBI(database access interface), and construct simulative data for database by developing CORBA application using Name Service and Notification Service( C++).

    • GUI Server is to provide service of user graphic rendering. Main contribution: customize graphic rendering service in GUI Server by XML; develop the module of responding the request commands from GUI Render Client; implement CORBA communication module between GUI Server and MAPIM using JacORB(Java).


Book Chapter
  1. Event Mining: Algorithms and Applications. Released by Chapman and Hall/CRC, September 2015. Chunqiu Zeng contributes to Chapter 4 (Pattern Discovery and Summarization Event Pattern Mining ) and Chapter 5 (Mining Time Lags).
  2. Maximizing Management Performance and Quality with Service Analytics. Released by IGI Global, August 2015. Chunqiu Zeng contributes to Chapter 7 (Tuning up IT Services using Monitoring Configuration Analytics).
  3. Data Mining Where Theory Meets Practice. Released by Xiamen University Press,2013, ISBN 9787561542941. Chunqiu Zeng contributes to Chapter 13 (Data Mining Application in Advanced Manufacturing).
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Personal Projects and Source Libraries

  1. OpenMiner, a open source project, created by Liang Tang and I. This project provides a source framework for integrating data mining algorithms and responding graphic user interfaces in a pluggable way. Using Java developing language.

  2. Doodle Search, a project which provide a web user interface for doodling and searching similar doodles based on image content search engine. This project is completed by my classmates and I. Using C PLUS PLUS, C SHARP developing language.

  3. Text Replacer, a source library. this library provides a relatively faster way ( approximately triple in speed) to match text and replace text in big text file (above 10 gigabytes) than linux "sed" command, based on buffer mechanism to reduce the number of reading and writing data to disk. Using C developing language.

  4. Cluster algorithm based on Uncertain data, a source library used to cluster uncertain data. My final graduate thesis (The Research on the Key Techniques of Clustering over Uncertain Data ) is based on the source library which extends the K-Means, K-Median algorithm based on certain data to uncertain data, and implements related algorithm in my final thesis (Chinese), such as: UA-UK-Means, UA-UK-Median,A-UK-Means,A-UK-Median, PA-UK-Median, MA-UK-Means and etc (final thesis and ppt). Using C PLUS PLUS developing language.

  5. Random Data Generator, a source library used to generate random data. This library provides algorithms to generate data with kinds of distribution such as ?uniform distribution, Gaussian distribution and etc. Simulative data for expriments can be easy generated with the help of this library. Using C developing language.

Selected Honors

Contest Awards:

  1. 12/2006, The 2nd National Open Source Software Competition (China), Award finalists.

  2. 06/2006, Amway College Student's computer works competition, Second class award.

  3. 2004, Second Prize in Sichuan Contest District for National Udergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling.

Industrial Awards:

  1. 07/2005, Excellent intern of Hwadee Company, as a leader of data design team.

Scholarships & Honors:

  1. 1/2009, Excellent Graduated Graduate Student of Sichuan University in 2009.

  2. 12/2008, Excellent Graduate Student Award of Sichuan University in 2007-2008.

  3. 6/2006, Excellent Final Thesis of Bachelor Degree of Sichuan University.

  4. 11/2005, Admitted by Sichuan University for graduated study exempting from examination.

  5. 2002-2003, 2003-2004, Excellent Undergraduate Student of Sichuan University.

  6. 2002,2003,2004,2005, Undergraduate Student Scholarship of Sichuan University.

  7. 2002-2003, Awarded Scholarship of WESTERN CHINA METROPOLIS DAILY.